Meet Josh
Josh is the founder of TradeSmart University and its public trading account manager.
Over the last 14 years, he has taught over 300,000 retail traders how to use the stock market to consistently put cash in their jeans so they can love their lifestyle and leave a legacy.
Josh will speak on a secret investing loophole called "Morning Glory" that can give you predictable returns even in a volatile bear market... in just 15 minutes a day.
Meet Josh Hesse
Josh is the founder of TradeSmart University and its public trading account manager. For over 14 years, he and the team at TSU have been spreading a message of lifestyle and legacy.

Guided by a belief that when good people have more money, they can do even more good things, TSU has trained over 300,000 retail traders to consistently put more cash in their jeans.

Today, TSU is an industry leader in both trading education and market forecasting artificial intelligence. Students enjoy an apprenticeship-style training experience with leading market experts and use cutting-edge tools which provide an edge and improve consistency in the market.

To discover which apprenticeship experience best fits your experience and outcomes, chat with our team at

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